Vaidehi Amogh Nawathe,

Chief Dietician,
Bhaktivedanta Hospital 


Vaidehi Amogh Nawathe,

Chief Dietician,
Bhaktivedanta Hospital



Nutrition Care for Hair fall

  • Small and Frequent Meals with the help of balanced diet.
  • Adequate water intake.
  • 1 tbsp Flaxseeds (alsi) slightly roasted and crushed to be consumed with 1 glass of water.
  • Minimum exposure to sunlight, pollution, heavy chemicals in form of Shampoo’s and Conditioner’s
  • Include Vitamin A and Folic acid rich foods. Example –Colorful fruits, vegetables and sprouts along with Vitamin C rich foods.

 Example –Citrus Fruits


Diet for Toddlers

  • Refer to the article Toddler’s Nutrition


Diet for Fat Reduction

  • Restricted intake of visible fat. Example –Butter, Oil, Ghee in cooking.
  • Consistent avoidance of fried foods and desserts.
  • Strictly NO refined foods like Maida and its products, bakery items etc.,
  • Intake of Well-Balanced Home-Made diet.
  • Adequate physical activities.


Diet for Diabetes

  • Diet for Diabetic patients is completely individualized hence; kindly consult the Dietician for Personalized Diabetic plan.


Diet for Weight loss and Low Hemoglobin level

  • Adequate Caloric intake with balanced diet.
  • NO crash diets.
  • Good intake of fruits and vegetables.
  • Confirm the cause of Anemia.(Iron deficiency, folic acid deficiency or Vitamin B12 deficiency)


Diet for Foot (toes) Allergy

  • No dietary intervention until and unless food allergy is present.


Diet for Constipation

  • We will have to understand the root cause of constipation, whether it is related to dietary intake or life-style.
  • Also we need to understand the actual diagnosis of the Consultant.Kindly meet in person.


Diet for Joint Pain and Low Calcium Levels

  • Small frequent meals.
  • Refer to the List of Calcium rich foods.