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My Kitchen Series - Capsule Kitchen

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‘My Kitchen Series - Concepts for a Healthy Family’ by Dt. Vaidehi Nawathe, Chief Dietician – Bhaktivedanta Hospital & Research Institute

Whenever I discuss a diet with my patients, their main concern is – Will I increase my routine work / will it be practical for me to follow? Positive results are expected by all, but with minimum efforts! In a way it makes sense because various demands in life have to be met in the limited time at our disposal. Professional life cannot be compromised for health and its true even vice-versa. Sharing some inputs, if applied, your life will become easier and your family healthier! You may modify them as per your personal requirement.

Rethink about your already set Kitchen. Create a Capsule Kitchen, but why?

  • A planned daily/weekly/monthly menu makes grocery list easier to be created and followed

  • Purchase of healthy and seasonal foods and no money “wasting” on “unwanted, unhealthy” options

  • Organising kitchen cabinets and drawers in such a way that it will help in selection of functional foods (Kitchen ingredients with therapeutic effects) easily

Do not compromise on two things:

  • Availability of ingredients to prepare and eat delicious, healthy food

  • Satisfaction of family members

You will need to start by listing the food items under each of the following food groups to provide a balanced meal for your family:

  • Functional Foods (With therapeutic use)

  • Cereals

  • Dals and Pulses

  • Fruits

  • Vegetables

  • Dry Fruits & Oil Seeds

  • Milk and Milk Products

  • Water and Fluids

If you want to improve and maintain a healthy lifestyle–I highly recommend a Capsule Kitchen! It’s like creating your own food world, especially for your dear ones! Why compromise on that? A little effort and thoughtful planning can lay the seed for a healthy tomorrow! Happy cooking, offering, serving and eating!