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Wednesday Wisdom- Healthy Life Recipe



#ThinkHealthy #ActHealthy #LiveHealthy

Dt. Vaidehi Nawathe – Chief Dietician, Bhaktivedanta Hospital & Research Institute recommends Nutritional & Lifestyle Counseling to receive the following benefits which are the Essential Ingredients of the ‘Healthy Life Recipe’:

  • Improve diet quality and digestion

  • Combat the mid-afternoon ‘crash’

  • Increase energy levels, and therefore productivity

  • Weight Management

  • Improve recovery time and bring performance to the next level

  • Strengthen the immune system and overall health

  • Adopt an anti-inflammatory diet: understanding inflammation and its role in disease and auto-immunity

  • Learn how to alkalize your diet and thereby maintain optimal PH balance

  • Learn the facts on omega-3 fats: What’s safe, what’s not, and the best sources of DHA and EPA

  • Learn how to manage breakfast on the go, lunch in a bag, and dinner abroad

  • Learn how to make healthy choices when dining out and during travel

  • Understanding children’s health and nutrition – Healthy lunches on the go, Healthier Happy Meals

  • Learn the art of ‘Healthy Shopping’

  • Learn to read labels on food packets

  • Learn about safe and effective detoxification methods

  • Reduce environmental and chemical stressors

  • Reduce stress through diet and nutrition

  • Learn the nutritional approach to acne, obesity, fatigue, cold & flu, headaches and viral infections

  • Learn simple and natural ways to reduce high blood pressure and/or high cholesterol

  • Successfully manage Diabetes and other health conditions, such as Arthritis, Parkinson’s, IBS, etc.