Our Intensive Care Unit & Intensive Cardiac Care Unit has been upgraded to International Standards, equipped to treat all kinds of cardiac and Non-Cardiac diseases.

Our ICU & ICCU is now equipped to treat all critically ill cases from sever heart failing, complete heart block (requiring temporary pacing), chronic kidney diseases, sever sepsis, COPD’s, multi-system involvement requiring invasive monitoring like Intrareterial Blood Pressure (IABP) or PCWP. The ventilators are also standard ones with the capacity to provide invasive as well as non-invasive ventilation.


Our Critical Care Unit is divided into 3 Units

  • CCU- Cardiac Care Unit

  • ICU - Intensive Care Unit

  • HDU - High Dependency Unit

 CCU- Cardiac Care Unit

Our Cardiac Care Unit caters primarily to Cardiac and Neurology Cases. This unit is strategically located for easy access to both, our Operation Theatre and Cath Lab.

This Unit has 12 beds each With Full electric Bed Multipara monitor.

The Unit also has two Dialysis Units for bedside dialysis and SLED.

We cater to all post-operative patients, inclusive of patients Post-Oncology Surgery patients & PTCA patients.

The CCU Also has Facilities for monitoring Patients requiring

  • Temporary pacing

  • PA catheter

  • Intra-Aortic Bottom Pump

ICU - Intensive Care Unit

Our Hospital has a 13-bedded State of art fully equipped intensive Care Unit. It is manned round the clock by intensivists and medical officers and caters to the most complicated patients. We have round the clock dialysis facilities and the trained intensivists as per the latest guidelines do all procedures. We also have boasts of well-trained and adequate nursing staff. We also handle patients belonging to Infectious Disease, Nephrology & Respiratory, Gynecology & Obstetric and Oncology Department. We put lots of effort on individual patient and relative counselling.

HDU - High Dependency Unit

Our HDU is fully equipped with all HD Unit Multipara Monitors, adequate nursing staff & 2 doctors (medical officers). Our HDU is directly linked to Our Emergency & caters to all Critical Patients brought to the emergency requiring Primacy Emergency Care. We manage Medical Emergency at the HDU from initial resuscitation to solbieistion with ventultony support hemodialysis or thrombolysis as needed

HDU facilities

  • 5 beds

  • Bed for HD

  • 2 Ventilators

  • Multipara monitors

  • Syringe Pumps

  • Adequate Staff



Dr. Suraj Purushottaman MD, DNB

Consultant lnternal Medicine & Intensivist

Dr. Swapnil Gautam MD, DNB, PGDMLS, MRCP (London, Glasgow & Edinburg)

Consultant lnternal Medicine, Infectious Diseases Specialist & Intensivist

Dr. Kartik Shah DA Consultant Anaesthesiologist & Intensivist