The department of Kidney transplantation at Bhaktivedanta Hospital & Research Institute is managed by experienced Nephrologist and Urologist and provides comprehensive clinical care to Kidney Transplant recipients.

The department is backed by an efficient and dedicated support team, including trained transplant Nurses, Transplant coordinators and Intensive care support, ensuring the best possible outcomes for patients undergoing Kidney Transplantation at the institute.


  • Living donor kidney transplantation:

    • Pretransplant evaluation of potential donor which includes multiple blood, urine and radiological tests.

    • Pretransplant evaluation of recipient.

    • Dialysis facilities for recipient before transplantation.

    • Special tests like Tissue typing and Cross matching for recipient and Donor.

    • Posttransplant care of recipient and donor.


  • Cadaveric kidney transplantation:

    • Registration services for dialysis patients for cadaveric transplant programme.

    • Pretransplant evaluation of registered recipients including special tests like Tissue typing and cross matching.

    • Dialysis facilities for registered recipients.

    • Post-transplant care of recipients.


  • Facilities:

    • Experienced team of Full time Nephrologist for round the clock care.

    • Experienced team of Full time Urologist.

    • Well experienced team of supportive medical professionals including Intensivists, Anaesthesiologists, Infectious disease specialists.

    • Fully equipped and state of the art operating theatres and recovery rooms.

    • Dedicated Transplant Coordinator to counsel the patient and family regarding the transplant process and help in documentation.

    • Experienced senior Transplant Nurses for nursing care of patients.

    • Fully equipped Intensive care unit and dedicated Kidney transplant unit.

    • 24/7 Pharmacy support



Dr. Ankit Mody

MD (General Medicine), DNB (Nephrology)

Consultant Nephrologist & Renal Transplant Physician