It gives us immense pleasure to inform you all that our hospital has incorporated a new logo for Bhaktivedanta Hospital and Research Institute. 


Following is the description of the various aspects of our logo:
1) The outer Circle (lotus shape) represents the spiritual culture of our institute. The saffron color represents the selfless mission towards the society.

2) The Inner image  
a) The bottom arc support base (dark saffron) represents the varnashram system which forms the basis of our activities, through which overall  balance is maintained at all levels.

b) The 2  blue petals represents our focus for betterment of the body and mind.


c) The top petal (dark micado color) :- represents the soul aspect i.e. spiritual well being, on which we lay much importance along with the body and mind.



d) The human image impression (in white), with arms raised, represents the over all well being and happiness of human society, which we try to achieve through our collective efforts, in the mood of ‘Serving in Devotion’.