DNB Program

DNB Program

Bhaktivedanta Hospital & Research Institute successfully conducts post graduate and post-doctoral courses in various medical and allied specialities and super specialities to create high quality healthcare professionals. We currently offer DNB programs in Medicine, Paediatric, Radiology, Ophthalmology, Obstetrics & Gynaecology, Urology & Anesthesiology.

Our teaching faculty includes senior and experienced doctors who help students gain knowledge of specialities and sub-specialities practically and theoretically. Our teaching programme includes case presentations, seminars, grand round presentations by departments and sub-specialties, clinical audit, conference and many more. In addition to existing DNB programs, we would be adding Cardiology soon.

Existing DNB programs:

  Specialty No. of seats
1 DNB General Medicine 2
2 DNB Paediatrics 3
3 DNB Ophthalmology 4
4 DNB Obstetrics & Gynaecology 2
5 Diploma in Radio Diagnosis 2
6 DNB Urology 1
7 DNB Anesthesiology 2

Our institute is one of the best DNB colleges in Maharashtra state.Our program aims to thoroughly equip DNB students to provide preventive, promotive, curative and rehabilitative medical care in their respective specialties.


DNB General Medicine
DNB Paediatrics
DNB Ophthalmology
DNB Obstetrics & Gynaecology
DNB Urology
DNB Anaesthesiology
Diploma in Radio Diagnosis


Digital Library

List Of CME 2023

  • CME on Chronic Obstructive Pulmonary diseases
  • CME on Growth, Obesity, Tyriod & Osteoporosis (GOTO) Update
  • CME on Medico-legal aspects of Anesthesiology
  • CME on NRP Course Advance
  • CME on Kidney Transplant updated 2023
  • CME on Case Presentation on Paediatrics dilemma
  • CME on GOTO conference
  • CME on PulmoSleep update
  • CME on Genetics & Genetics Counselling
  • CME on Pfizer forth critical care & infectious disease
  • CME on Latest Trends in Pregnancy & Delivery
  • CME on Acute Coronary Syndrome Conclave
  • CME on Paediatrics Updates
  • CME on Chronic Kidney Disease update for physicians
  • CME on Urolithiasis Updates
  • CME on Critical Care & Infectious disease symposium


Students Achievements Students Testimonials

Dr Makbool Ali Agharia won 3rd prize for poster presentation at Nephrology Semiweek Conference held on 7th – 9th July, 2023

Dr. Samit Doshi won 2nd prize in Bi-Monthly Scientific Meeting of Mumbai Urological Society held on 25th February 2024


About the research department:

The research activities of the institute are supported and managed by the Medical Research Department. It provides guidance, administrative and managerial support for all kinds of research undertaken by the institute (clinical trials, Investigator Initiated studies, thesis, publications). The department also facilitates interaction with external agencies, both at national and international levels. It also promotes and manages institute-industry interactions, all externally funded research and development projects as well as patents & IP rights. The department is a state-of-the-art facility which undertakes and promotes scientific and ethical research projects and collaborates with national and international agencies for better outcomes in healthcare and research sector. Biomedical and Health Research, International and Domestic clinical trial, Ethics Committee, Post Graduation Clinical Research, Patient, data, quality, documentation and monitoring are the various subunits of the research department. Research activities are supported by 30 research professionals. Institute has appointed statistician to support research activities.

DNB thesis:

We have a dedicated team who provides DNB residents extensive training on research methodology as per NBE guidelines and supports in facilitating thesis preparation and getting approval from both registered Ethics Committees, ‘Bhaktivedanta Hospital Ethics Committee for Biomedical and Health Research’ (Reg. No. EC/NEW/INST/2019/245) and ‘Bhaktivedanta Hospital Scientific Research Committee’. The department also facilitates and supports to publish papers for DNB students based on their thesis.

Drug trial & other aspects from research
Picture of Certificates
List of paper Published
Research & Thesis Support

Holistic program

Holistic program for doctor leadership

Complete Doctor Course Certificate program (CDCC):

Along with the robust training program in clinical medicine, the founders of the BVHRI also feel morally responsible to educate students in to the tenets of a holistic lifestyle. Doctors who are sturdy physically, endowed with a high emotional quotient and strong spiritual foundation are a decisive force to navigate society through its seemingly insurmountable health care challenges. At Bhaktivedanta Hospital and Research Institute, this training is not a chore but a sacred mission.

Objectives of CDCC:

The CDCC is an honest attempt by the founders of our hospital to provide every budding medical professional with the required tools to fully manicure the beautiful garden of their lives and achieve a life of inner peace and fulfilment.

The CDCC faculty will also equip its members with knowledge and life skills to achieve a harmonious adaptation in effectively dealing with the inevitable challenges brought forth by this noble profession.

The CDCC aspires to create role models amongst medical professional by infusing leadership qualities such that they can navigate through the complexities of modern living.