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  • The Science of Garbha Samskar

  • Garbha Samskar Techniques

  • New-born Baby Brain Stimulation

  • Care of Newborn



  • Nutrition & Healthy Lifestyle based on Ayurveda



  • Q& A Session and Practical Tips from Gynaecologists



  • Breastfeeding Tips

  • Therapeutic, Traditional & Safe 'Yog Nirupan' Advice during pregnancy


PLUS - Mantra Meditation | Shloka Recitation Practices to Nurture Baby's Physical Mental & Spiritual Growth

"Part I” held on first Saturday of every month. "Part Il to IV" held on subsequent Saturdays.

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Garbhadhan - Healthy Conception

What is Garbhadhan Sanskar?

In order to conceive a healthy, happy and intelligent progeny, creating favorable arrangements fertile period, Healthy uterus, Amniotic fluid, healthy Male female seed is as called Garbhadhan Sanskar.

Ayurveda department of Bhaktivedanta Hospital and Research Institute provide you the facility for a preparatory procedure of cleansing/ detoxifying the body and also nourishment and strengthening of the seed quality of parents and Uterus under the guidance of expert Ayurveda Consultant.

Garbhadhan Sanskar is a 6 Layered Program:

Before conception: - (total 3 months preparation)

  1. Shodhan Chikitsa (Externo-Internal Detoxification) - Panchakarma for parents according to Personality – in-house or daycare Panchakarma Facility available.

  2. Bija Shuddha (Improving the Seed Quality) -

  3. Garbhashayya Sajjikaran (Strengthening the Uterus)

After conception: - ( 9 months pregnancy time) - Garbhasanskar

  1. Garbhini Paricharya (Diet and Lifestyle Guidance for Pregnant Ladies) Post-delivery:- Matabaal sangopan

  2. Sutika Paricharya (Diet and Lifestyle Guidance for Delivered Mothers)

  3. Balasangopan (Child healthcare guidance till the age of 5)

All these guidelines and practices are based upon the individual’s nature (Prakriti).

Prakriti Assessment: Analyze yourself: - Initial assessment before detox

Our experts Ayurveda Consultant analyses your Prakriti and suggest tailor made Plan for detoxification (Panchakarma), specific lifestyle modifications applicable in the present time without compromising the principles.


Panchakarma: Natural Detoxification

Panchakarma is a natural system of detoxification which removes the toxins from the whole body that are accumulated over time due to an improper lifestyle, age and seasonal variations. It is also called ‘Shodhan’ – The Purification Procedure. It purifies and strengthens the seminal fluid and improves strength of the uterus.

Garbhadhan: Healthy Conception

After purification of the body and mind, proper guidance is given to parents regarding healthy diet and lifestyle. It includes techniques for healthy relationship, emotional stability and spiritual practices to improve the consciousness of parents based on Veda.

All these steps are taken in a standard manner in coordination with the team of Gynecologist, Ayurveda Consultant and a spiritual assistant.


Ayurveda Garbhadhan Samskar


For a Healthy, Happy, Intelligent & Cultured Child


Who can get benefitted?

  • Those who want to Conceive

  • Pregnant Ladies

  • Mother and Child Post-delivery

  • Those suffering from Infertility (Both Male & Female)


Department of Ayurveda, Panchakarma & Ksharsutra

Bhaktivedanta Hospital & Research Institute


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Baal Sangopan

Baal Sango pan: - for physical, mental, social and spiritual development of a child at all stages of child.

  • Balyavastha – till 5 years of age

  • Paugandavastha:- 5-10 years

  • Kumaravstha :- 10-14 years

  • Kishoravastha :- 14 onwards till 20 years


Mother care:-

Mother milk is best for child , so mother health.

  • Post-delivery Improper mother care hampers the holistic growth of child.

  • Based on Ayurveda tradition we help the mothers to make optimum use of their step by step diet and proper life style. It suits best for the smooth development of child and maintain their own health.

  • We provide personality assessment to mother, tailor made Traditional diet, bedside guidance for lifestyle with cooking tips for different recipes based on Ayurveda.

  • This enables mothers to have happy experience of motherhood and improved beautification at physical, mental and social level.

  • We provide spiritual training and meditation techniques to Parents and children as per their faith and acceptance.


Step by step Baby care:-

  • Preventive Ayurveda care, Personality assessment and life style guidance to avoid recurrences of infections and energize the baby in early age.

    • Ksheerad stage :- Till baby turns 1 year

    • Ksheerannad :- after 1 year to completion of 2 years

    • Annad :- After 2 years of age

  • Monthly Suvarnabinduprashan for increasing concentration and boosting the immunity.

  • Assessment of milestones development y by pediatrician and Ayurveda consultant simultaneously.

  • Sanskar guidance and execution under standard norms with spiritual care.

  • Holistic Parenting guidance based on Ayurveda and modern perspective as well.

  • Yoga and meditation training sessions.

  • Study material and traditional games.

  • Connecting the child to school having spiritual insights for value and cultural development with academic excellence.

Health is not a destination it’s a way of life towards destination.

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