• We have integrated approach of team for maximum benefit & convenience to patients and their family in short test possible time.

  • We assure of putting our 100% effort to save lives.

  • We fight with each and everything to save life in terms of quantity & quality of life.

  • We are trained and equipped for mass casualties of any nature


Details of services

  • The Emergency Room is the face of the institute, where critical cases come first and are stabilized by trained Doctor, Nurse, Paramedics and other supportive staff under the guidance of Consultant /Super Consultant.

  • Once patient is stabilized or primary case is given, Patients/Relatives gets options of modality for further management whether they want to continue treatment here and be admitted to respective wards or they want to go to another hospital of their choice. Until they take a proper decision, the patient is kept in our HDU with full life support, which is equivalent to ICU for maximum time of hours.

  • If the patient is ready to be admitted and a bed is available, then we admit the patients and transfer to respected bed with the same support system along with Doctor/Staff.

  • In case, it they make decision of shifting patients to other place of their choice, we transfer patients by our ambulance to such with hospital with prior communication with Doctors/Staff.



  • Triage room/hall.

  • Clinical examination room -where patient is examined.

  • CPCR area, where resuscitation done for cardiac arrest.

  • HDU -where all critical patients are closed monitored and kept as transit ICU patient.

  • Procedure Room - why all minor procedure done like closure of wounds ligation of bleeder etc. with many other diagnostic and therapeutic procedure.

  • Cardiac ambulance.

  • Separate billing and reaction for ease to patients.



  • Our ER is situated on ground floor itself and facing the main road behind the main lobby of the hospital there is speed door for Emergency

  • There is separate reception and billing counter for saving the time and energy when it is needed the most to save life.


Team of Doctors

  • All the consultant and super consultant are kept on call basis as per their respective specialty for all 24 hrs. throughout the year, even on holy days and Sunday for admission and procedure services.

  • The Emergency Room is always having at least two doctors for all 24 hrs. and is headed by DR. Mohan Jha, who is expert in critical medicine, having experience of many years.