Bhaktivedanta Hospital & Research Institute maintains Day-Night 24 X 7, 365 days Pharmacy Service which ensures patient safety and quality pharmaceutical care. Apart from NABH Quality accreditation, the Pharmacy has been accredited with Pharmacy de Qualite (Platinum Certification) for its Quality Excellence by Bureau-Veritas. A dedicated team of qualified pharmacists along with well-trained support staff operate in unison to supply the right-drug, right-dose, for right-route of administration, at right-time to the right-patient. The Pharmacy conforms to all the ethical, professional standards and legal requirements. It deals with complex clinical medication management environment maintaining good customer relations The Pharmacy follows an adequate system of large range of medication-stock and inventory control. Its Dispensing Unit (Operational 24 X 7) is located on the ground floor and its Operation Theater Unit (Operational on weekdays from 08:00 am to 10:00 pm) is located on the second floor.  



  • Availability of 7000 odd brands of medicines, vaccines, surgical products, medical devices, rehabilitation products, nutraceuticals and general products 

  • Preserve potency of temperature-sensitive medicines through Cold-Chain-Management 

  • Priority dispensing to infants, senior citizens and differently-abled patients 

  • Collaboration with clinicians for enhanced patient care 

  • Patient Medication Counselling to help improve patient compliance to medication management and therapy 

  • Special discount for senior citizens, physically challenged patients and chemotherapy medicines 

  • Free Home Delivery Service 



The Pharmacy stocks genuine, high quality medicines and products manufactured by reputed organisations. Good Service Quality measures are implemented to ensure drug safety and effectiveness. Medicines, other than over-the-counter-drugs, are dispensed against doctor’s valid prescription only. Following products are available in the Pharmacy:  

  • All essential, rare disease and life-saving medicines, vaccines, cold-chain injectables 

  • Ayurvedic preparations, vitamins, calcium, minerals, diet and nutritional supplements  

  • Baby food and formula, baby care products, toiletries, hair and skin care products  

  • Diagnostic agents,bio-adhesives,swabs and bandages, wide range of surgical material, biopsy guns, colostomy bags and plates, catheters, surgical consumables and orthopaedic implants 

  • Devices: Portable nebulizer, vaporizer, spacer, rotacaps, portable oxygen cylinder, glucometer and test strips, blood pressure monitor,weighting scale, digital thermometer, hearing- aid, bladder balloon 

  • General Accessories : Patient bed, water bed, air bed, commode chair, bedpan, enema pot 

  • Walking Aids: Wheelchair, walker, rollator, signal-tripod-quadruped canes, crutches  

  • Rehabilitation & Orthopaedic Aids: Lumbar sacro belt, abdominal belt, rib belt, pouch arm sling, shoulder immobilizer, cervical collar, knee caps, knee brace, wrist brace, tennis elbow brace, varicose vein stockinette, finger splint, foot or skin traction kit, heel cushion 



OPD Patients must produce the original-bill for returning medicine, within one month from the date of purchase, between 10:00 am to 06:00 pm on a working day except Sundays and Hospital Holidays. Pharmacist shall inspect the bill and medicine for expiry date, seal, packaging, and BH-Barcode. Refrigerated products, Injections, General items, Rehabilitation-Aids and Devices are not returnable.  

*IPD-patients must return balance medicines before discharge from the Hospital. 



Pharmacists, trained in Patient Medication Counselling, are reliable source of information and available round-the-clock to assist patients and their relatives. Queries relating to medication such as equivalent substitute, cost, whether to take it before or after a meal, side effects if any, dosage and frequency, home delivery service are well addressed. To enroll for a Patient Medication Counselling Session, please type <COUNSEL> and send an SMS to 08879926308 or enquire at the Pharmacy Reception. 



With the aim of providing medicines at your door step the Pharmacy introduced Free Home Delivery service for patients living in and around Mira Road. Terms and conditions applicable: 

  • Minimum Bill Amount: Rs.500/- 

  • Medicines Excluded: Narcotics and psychotropic drugs 

  • Payment Options: By Cash or Debit/Credit Card on delivery 

  • Delivery Time: Monday to Saturday 04:00 pm to 06:00 pm except Sundays and Hospital Holidays 



Generic Medical Stores

As part of ongoing community initiative, BhaktiVedanta Hospital & Research Institute has opened up Generic Medical Stores at seven locations.  

One “BhaktiVedanta Hospital’s Generic Medical Store” at Mira Road has tied up with Pradhan Mantri Jan Aushadhi Yojana 

Other  six  “BhaktiVedanta Hospital’s Generic Medical Stores” have tied up  with StayHappi Generic Pharmacy Chain, which is retail wing of Akums Drugs & Pharmaceuticals Ltd., Haridwar, India. M/s Akums is leading manufacturer of Quality Medicines for multinational companies and large Indian Pharmaceutical companies.