Bhaktivedanta Swaasthya Mission Statement - Bhaktivedanta Swaasthya is a social initiative to empower people to benefit from complete health of body, mind and soul and enabling them by providing products and services based on natural, scientific and traditional wisdom.

Swaasthya works for making lives healthier for the community around us. These days food we eat is full of harmful chemicals, preservatives and pesticides. We make sure that we provide a complete range of products that are chemical and preservative free.


Swaasthya store offers more than 200 products produced naturally using age old traditional method. Let us have a look at the Swaasthya basket-

  • Organic Grains And Pulses

  • Desi Cow Ghee

  • Gir Cow Ghee

  • Stone Grinded Flours

  • Wood Churned Cold Pressed Oils

  • Farm Fresh Honey

  • Himalayan Pink Rock Salt.

  • Traditionally Made Baby Foods

  • Healthy Breakfast Porridge

and lot more. . .


Swaasthya kitchen

  • We say strictly no to refined salt, refined sugar, refined oil and refined flours.

  • We have wide range of ready to eat snacks, healthy breakfast porridges,

  • All these processed foods are prepared using desi cow ghee and stone grinded flours. We use rock candy sugar, jaggery and honey instead of refined sugar.


Swaasthya Warehouse and packing area-

  • Ware house we have vacuum packing and sealing machine to ensure extra freshness for the products.


Village youth empowering initiative-

  • Parts of the proceeds of this initiative go to support the rural and tribal upliftment.

  • At a village near Nashik we have donated the wood churning oil machine to young boys.

  • These boys are given training from government recognized training institute at Nasik.

  • Wood churned cold pressed oil is extracted taking utmost care of hygiene and quality.

  • All this oils are sold in our outlets ensuring regular income generation for the village youth.



Monday to Saturday

09:00 am to 09:00 pm.

Closed on Sundays & Hospital Holidays.