The Department of Medical Nutrition Therapy at Bhaktivedanta Hospital & Research Institute is responsible for planning, organising and directing all the phases of dietetics operation including:

  • Menu Planning

  • Food Preparation and Service

  • Hygiene and Technical Training of the Kitchen Staff

  • Medical Nutrition Therapy for admitted patients

  • Patient Nutrition Education



Assessing Nutritional Status of the patient, planning Medical Nutrition Therapy corresponding to the clinical diagnosis and evaluating the progress for achieving Optimum Nutrition Wellness.



  • Provide Nutrition Education for preventing, managing and reversing diseases by bridging the gap between knowledge and actual practice.

  • Provide Professional Care for the wellness of Body, Mind and Soul.



  • Protected Mealtime (PMT): Non-disturbance to Critical Patients while eating

  • Color Coded Meal Trays: For patients who need emotional and physical assistance while eating

  • Tender Loving Care (TLC): Professional approach in a personalised way!

  • Specialised Meal Preparation: Meal with a regional touch

  • Disease specific protocol as per latest Nutrition Guidelines

  • Preventive Nutrition: A monthly education series for the Public and Hospital Staff

  • Nutrition Treasure: A mega nutrition event held annually for the Public and Hospital Staff



The Department of Medical Nutrition Therapy works hand-in-hand with the Hospital Kitchen to provide pre inspected and tasted ‘Sanctified, Lacto-Vegetarian (Satvik) Food’ to the hospitalised patients. Non-vegetarian food items, tea, coffee and food containing onion, garlic is not served at the Hospital. The Department offers customised diet care to all the patients. Different kinds of diets are prepared as per each patient’s clinical condition and in certain cases even personal preferences are considered. Every effort is taken to make the food delicious which is well accepted and appreciated by the patients and their relatives. The Hospital Kitchen follows de-centralised system of food distribution catering to more than 150 patients in various wards.


Daily Meals served to Indoor Patients

  • Breakfast: Indian or Continental Snack with herbal tea or milk

  • Mid-morning : Soup or Fresh Fruit Juice

  • Lunch: A square meal as per the clinical condition

  • Evening: Herbal tea or milk with biscuits

  • Mid-evening: Soup or Fruits or Coconut Water

  • Dinner: A square meal as per the clinical condition

  • Bedtime: Milk


Types of Diet for Indoor Patients

  • Basic: Normal Diet, Soft Diet, Semi-solid Diet, Liquid Diet, Blenderised Diet, etc.

  • Therapeutic: High Protein Diet, Salt Restrcited Diet, Bland Diet, Fat-free Diet, Specialised Diet, Diabetic Diet, Renal Diet, Tube feeds, etc.




Attaining optimal health through the intake of nutritious food is an ongoing journey and not the destination. Health and lifestyle goals are achieved only through initiating change. The Nutrition Clinic run by the Department of Medical Nutrition Therapy enables you to assess your current dietary habits, identify your specific requirements and help structure a health plan for sustainable change. The Clininc provides expert guidance on all nutrition and health related matters. Well-qualified and highly experienced Chief Dietician translates scientific information about nutrition and health into practical dietary advice.


Key Features

  • Nutritional assessment and/or advice about healthy eating to improve health status for patients and their family members

  • Risk assessment for patients and their family members

  • Lifestyle counselling for prevention of certain disease conditions

  • Management of existing disease condition, requiring a dietary update or answers to specific queries


Diet Counselling for Clinical Conditions

The Nutrittion Clinic offers diet counselling for the following clinical conditions:

  • Underweight

  • Obesity

  • Childhood Obesity

  • Gout

  • Fatty Liver

  • Cirrhosis of Liver

  • Lipid (Cholesterol) Management

  • Blood Pressure

  • Diabetes Type I & II

  • Gestational Diabetes

  • Digestion problems like Acidity, Flatulence, Constipation, etc.

  • Celiac Disease

  • Geriatric (Old age)

  • Children Diet (including weaning period)

  • Pregnancy

  • Pre & Post Menopause

  • PCOS

  • Thyroid

  • Renal (On or not on Dialysis)

  • Cancer (Pre/Post Operative, On Chemo/Other treatment)

  • Arthritis


Diet Packages

Explore new dimensions in the world of food with the customized diet solutions offered by the Nutrition Clinic. Take a positive step towards being a Healthy You!


  • Lifestyle Management Plan

    • Assessing the risk factors

    • Diet and Lifestyle modifications

    • Management of Lipid Profile, High Blood Pressure, Stress and Weight


  • Woman Wellness Plan

    • Healthy recipe tips, Calorie Chart

    • Diet for Premenstrual Syndrome, Osteoarthritis, PCOS, Pre & Post Menopause, etc.

    • Anti-ageing Diet Care

    • Improve stamina

    • Hair & Skin Care


  • Child Nutrition Plan

    • Good Food, Bad Food

    • Diet Plan for healthy growth

    • Parent-Child Counselling regarding good food habits

    • Healthy Tiffin Options

    • Ready to use Nutrient Reckoner


  • Weight Management Plan

    • Practical, Balanced Diet Plan for detoxification and rejuvenation

    • Menu suggestions

    • No crash dieting

    • Weight Maintenance Plan


  • Diabetes Care Plan

    • Principles of Diabetes

    • Diabetic Food Facts

    • Diabetic Food Chart

    • Diabetic Menu Planning

    • Diabetes Diary

    • Diabetes & Stress

    • Prevention of Diabetic Complications


  • Preventive Nutrition Plan

    • Lifestyle Assessment

    • Prevention of lifestyle diseases like Diabetes, Hypertension, Hyperlipidaemia, Fatty Liver, etc.


Dt. Vaidehi Nawathe

PG (Dietetics & Applied Nutrition), C.D.E. (Diabetes Educator)

Chief Dietician