During illness or on sustaining an injury, life can seem different, bewildering and out of control. Besides physical pain one may need to deal with feelings of loneliness, insecurity, fear, grief and anxiety that affect one’s well-being. One might even start questioning – What’s happening to me? Why do I exist? Why am I ill? Why did this happen to me now? Have I been a bad person? Will I die? What will happen to me when I die? Will my family survive my loss? Will I be missed? Will I be remembered? Is there a God? If so, will He be there for me? Will I have time to finish my life's work?


When an ordinary sense of meaning and hope has been disrupted by sudden hospitalization, illness, injury, loss of a loved one or a life-changing event, Spiritual Care helps people (re)discover hope, resilience and inner strength – opening up opportunities for life review, accepting and transforming suffering, making an authentic connection with others keeping God in the centre, and realizing one’s own true potential.


At Bhaktivedanta Hospital & Research Institute we understand that emotional and spiritual well-being is an essential dimension of health and central to the healing process. Our Department of Spiritual Care offers spiritual care and emotional support to the patients, their families and friends, our doctors, staff members and others with compassion and respect, responding to each person’s unique values and beliefs. The Spiritual Care Team comprising of dedicated, skilled, well-qualified Doctors, Psychological Counsellors, Spiritual Care Assistants and other support staff aid patient’s healing through the spiritual approach. They are specially trained to work as an integral part of the patient’s Healthcare Team. The Department of Spiritual Care is based on the understanding that real cure begins with the healing of the mind. While treating the patient for all physical ailments, the mind is also provided comfort and emotional care at the Hospital.


Benefits of Spiritual Care to the Patients

  • Helps patients to adjust to the effects of treatment of Cancer, Heart Disease, Mental illnesses, etc.

  • Decreases loneliness by increasing sense of inner peace and satisfaction

  • Decreases anxiety, depression, anger, stress and thereby risk of heart diseases

  • Promotes healthy lifestyle and decreases alcohol and drug abuse

  • Decreases risk of suicide

  • Enhances family wellness and positive feelings

  • Connects with the Absolute